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Natural History Museum
You have arrived at the LondonVisions website where you can find out information about Natural History Museums across the UK.

The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road, London. SW7 5BD. UK
Created to celebrate the rich variety of life on earth The Natural History Museum is home to one of the largest collections of insects, animals, fossils, rocks, minerals and meteorites in the world. That's more than 67 million items in its collection in total, including the skeleton and reconstruction of the extinct dodo, the Blue Whale model, and the giant flesh-eating monster, Tyrannosaurus rex.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year
From vivid, sweeping landscapes to intimate portraits of animal behaviour, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition offers an unparalleled insight into the beauty, drama and diversity of the natural world. Open to amateur and professional photographers of all ages, the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, owned by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine, is the most prestigious event of its kind in the world. This year's exhibition displays over 80 spectacular photographs, judged to be the most creative and accomplished of an overwhelming 32,351 entries submitted by photographers worldwide.
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Open: Monday-Saturday 10.00-17.50, Sunday 11.00-17.50. Cost: FREE

Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Park Road, Oxford. OX1 3PW. UK

The Oxford Natural History Museum has collections on zoological, entomological, geological, palaeontological and mineralogical specimens accumulated in the course of the last three centuries. The collections on public display are organised into history and diversity of life on Earth and the rocks and minerals. They also have five Collections used for research and teaching Entomological, Geological, Mineralogical, Palaeontological and Zoological.

Open: every day from 12 noon to 5pm Cost: FREE

Portsmouth Natural History Museum
Cumberland House, Eastern Parade, Southsea. PO4 9RF. UK

Britain has a very divers wildlife and Portsmouth Natural History Museum looks at this up close and in depth. Riverbank, marshes, woods and urban areas are all looked at as well as geology and they also have a Victorian Museum exhibition. In the summer the butterfly house comes to life and in the winter you can hunt for caterpillars under the leaves.

Open: April - October 10am-5.30pm, November - March 10am-4pm Cost: FREE

Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum
Akeman Street, Tring. HP23 6AP. UK

The Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum is world renowned for is ornithology department which has over 2,000,000 skin, skeleton, spirit, egg and nest specimens, representing over 95 per cent of known bird species, the museum also has an ornithological library (strictly by prior appointment). The museum also has 4000 other animals on display including many rare and bizarre specimen.

Open: Monday - Saturday 1000-1700, Sunday 1400-1700 Cost: FREE

If you know of a museum that you think should be in this section please feel free to contact me.

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