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London Events for July
Below is a selection of events going on in the capital throughout July.

BBC Proms (BBC Henry Wood Promenade Concerts) - 020 7765 5575
The Proms run from July to September offering a variety of classical concerts most evenings, with tickets for the seatless area around the stage selling for only a couple of pounds.

This is Colombia - 020 8674 3314
Taking place on the third Saturday of July this event celebrates the country of Colombia, including its dance, music and food. There is also a children's carnival, and a displays of art. The event takes place on the South Bank.
Ealing Summer Festival - 020 8758 5745
As the name suggests this festival takes place in Ealing and includes all types of entertainment for both children and adults. Most events are free and are held in Walpole Park or other parks in the areas, events include shows, sporting events and theatrical performances.
Swan Upping on the Thames - 020 7236 1863
Swan Upping is a traditional ritual that takes place over one week in July and consists of three different companies of which one is the Queen, they decide who the swans between London Bridge and Henley belong to. The boats and the oarsman are all done up in traditional colorful get up which all makes it a spectacular sight to see.
Swan Upping on the Thames
British 10k Run -
Open to all entrants the British 10K run takes place in London at the end of July. As the name suggest the run covers 10 kilometer's across London. On the day there is a celebrity start and entertainment all along the route.



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