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The LondonVisions team theatre recommendations and personnal reviews are below. They are personal reviews of theatre shows that the team has seen. Recommended shows are ones not to be missed!

The Lion King review - Highly Recommended *****
The visuals of this show will blow you away as will the score. Stunning scenery transports you to the African plans but the amazing puppetry costumes really steel the show. One for all the family with charm and warmth that will delight even the most hardened theatre critic. Most people will be familiar with some if not all of the score written by Elton John and Tim Rice but to hear it live on stage really brings it to life.
For more information on The Lion King - Click here

We Will Rock You review - Highly Recommended *****
If you are a fan of Queen or even if you are not, this show is not to be missed, it is great! All the top Queen songs are included and the story strings them all together very well. I thought that no one else could do Queen songs justice but this show really does, brilliant!
For more information on We Will Rock You - Click here

Hairspray review - Highly Recommended *****
This production is one of the best we have seen in along time, it will have you laughing and touch your heart at the sometime. With great top tapping songs and great performances from all the cast Hairspray is one for all the family. The 60’s music, dress and of course the hair transport you back to a different era.
For more information on Hairspray - Click here

Priscilla Queen of the Desert - Recommended *****
Fun costumes, fun songs and fun comedy make this show one of the best in London. Following the same story line as the film this show will have you smiling and clapping your hands all the way through. Perhaps not one for all the family as ping-pongs and high-camp antics are abound. Jason Donovan is in his element and it really shows in his and everyone's performances. Forget all about your troubles and enjoy this full energy and lavish show.
For more information on Priscilla Queen of the Desert - Click here

Billy Elliot the Musical review - Recommended *****
I have never seen the movie so I cannot compare it but what I can say is that this show is uplifting, heart worming and funny. The use of costumes and action is original and well thought out and really makes the most of all the actors’ young and old. The youngsters really surpass themselves with some amazing performances. This show will have and tear in your eye and laughing at the same time.
For more information on Billy Elliot - Click here

La Cage Aux Folles review - Recommended *****
Douglas Hodge and Denis Lawson make this show their own with a lot of help from the La Cage dancers. Bright, uplifting, fun and very touching the show will have you clapping along to all the songs. As you would expect this production is outrageously camp with very colourful and acrobatic dancers!

For more information on La Cage Aux Folles - Click here

Chicago review - Recommended *****
The stage comes to life with this show. Stylish, slick and full of razzle dazzle this production will have you tapping your feet all the way home. The cast has had many changes over the past 10 years not always for the better but the music and production shine through. Unusually you see the orchestra throughout the whole production and this was brilliant adding to the comedy and excitement of the show.
For more information on Chicago - Click here

Les Miserables review - Recommended *****
For more information on Les Miserable - Click here

Phantom of the Opera review *****
This is one of Lloyd Webber’s most famous productions. The visual effects are lavish as are the sets. However after 20 years on stage the production does feel a bit dated and perhaps fails to deliver the excitement and passion of other productions like The Lion King and Les Miserables. The theatre itself was built in 1897 and definiety enhances the production. This show will not blow you away but it is worth seeing and if you are looking for something to take your parents to this is the production. We sat at the top on the left and missed some of the action and the seats are tight if you are tall.
For more information on Phantom of the Opera - Click here

The Mouse Trap review *****
One for all the family, a nice classical murder mystery. It does show its age, but then so would you after over 50 years! If you are a fan of Miss Marple or Poirot then you will not be disappointed, twists, suspense and a bit of comedy all in one.
For more information on The Mousetrap - Click here

Previous London Theatre Production Reviews

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang *****
One of the best-loved children’s stories comes to the West End theatre, with a flying car and a great musical score this production is for all the family. All your favourite songs really come to life on the stage including 'Truly Scrumptious', 'Toot Sweets' and 'Hushabye Mountain'. Brian Conley is no Dick Van Dyke, but he does a good job with great comedy timing.

Lord of the Rings - Recommended *****
This show has a powerful performance by all the cast and a unique interaction between the audience and the actors that I have never seen before. Middle earth comes to life through the set and the costumes that add to the incredible atmosphere of this production. The magic of the show is enhanced by the music that will thrill and touch your heart. All the three books are well represented without the show feeling to long.
For more informationon Lord of the Rings - Click here

Jerry Springer the Opera *****
Loud, brash and out of control this production is just like the TV show. The real surprise of the show is the music, which is great, catchy and very funny. This show is not for children or people with a sensitive disposition.

Jailhouse Rock *****
If you are an Elvis/Jailhouse Rock fan this is one for you. However as it followed the film it did not have Elvis' best-loved songs in it, so I felt it was lacking a bit. But then perhaps I was expecting a tribute to Elvis like We Will Rock You or Mamma Mia.

Saturday Night Fever *****

Blithe Spirit *****
This play is full of supernatural high jinx, very funny and lighthearted. As usual Noel Cowards wide vocabulary keeps you on your toes at all times. Although written in 1941 the play has an enduring subject that will never age.



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