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Minicabs, unlike Black Cabs cannot
be hailed on sight, they are usually ordinary saloon cars which are licensed. Minicabs do not have a standardised fare structure and they must be booked over the phone, you only pay from where you are picked up though. It is best to get a quote over the phone or from the driver at the start of your journey to ensure that you don't pay over the odds.

Minicabs are often cheaper than Black Cabs, but it is best to avoid those illegally touting for business in the streets as they are often unlicensed, untrained, uninsured, unreliable, and occasionally dangerous. Trustworthy firms are out there and a recommendation is by far the best way learn about them.

Women should avoid traveling alone at night and make sure they sit in the back or ask for a female driver as most reputable firms have them on their books. One firm that only uses women drivers is Lady Cabs (+44) 020 7272 3300 / (+44) 020 7923 7599.

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